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Chinpô (Rare Treasure)

January 7, 2010

For lunch, a restaurant is better than
a location bentô (Sono group).


And Fukikoshi Mitsuru, who really helped us out in Yoroi, is also starring.


I’m pretty sure that everyone is familiar with bentô – the pre-made box lunches that are ubiquitous in Japan – but if not: voila. Chinpô is the name of the restaurant – it appears on the sign that Tak is standing in front of.

Fukikoshi Mitsuru is an extremely well-regarded and prolific Japanese actor. He is perhaps best known in the West for his performance as Inukai Heishirô in Samurai Fiction. He portrayed the father in Yoroi: Samurai Zombie, and appears to be back for more mayhem with Team Zero’s.

It’s not clear yet if this is a special project of Sono Sion’s or if this is related to The Blood of Wolves, which Sono is set to co-script.

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