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Latest MGS Roundup.

May 24, 2010

MUTANT GIRLS SQUAD had its opening this past Saturday, and Tak attended the onstage greetings for the late show screening of the film at Cinema Rosa in Ikebukuro.

Iguchi Noboru and Tak after the festivities:


Apparently, Tak went directly from the Yakuza Weapon shoot to the MGS screening, so photos from the event give us a little bit of a sense of what his costume is like for that film.

There are eight articles related to that event so far, and more may soon be forthcoming. (There’s also several promotional articles from before the opening that are still in my “to be translated” file.) I’ll be getting to them as quickly as I can, starting with whichever appears to have the most interesting information. Keep in mind that I’m in the last couple weeks of class here, in the run-up to final presentations and exams, and may need some extra time.

So, to tide you over, here’s some more English-language articles about MGS

Mutant Girl Squad (Hillbilly Otaku).

Also here’s a really in-depth, well-written article about Nishimura Yoshihiro and his brand of extreme cinema. The author, one Brian Fee, apparently has a follow-up article in the works, and if his opening paragraph is any indication we might be able to expect a similar article about Tak at some point as well. Here’s to hoping!

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