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06/17, Cinema Topics Online.

The Extremely Hazardous Detectives Festival:
Yamaguchi Yûdai Talk Event

Today, the guest speakers for The Extremely Hazardous Detectives Festival were Yamaguchi Yûdai, director of this year’s winner of the Yubari Fantastic Film Festival Grand Prix, Battlefield Baseball (still in preparation for public release) and the film’s star, Sakaguchi Taku. According to an audience survey, they were ranked fifth! At this, director Yamaguchi had a subtle expression.


I thought that the chance to participate in this detective festival would, plainly said, be a trifle, although it would be the first time I saw first works on opening day. Because of that, I gave Mr. Sasagi Makoto a frank, “I’ll do it!” Afterward, there was no contact and while I wondered what to do, I made this as I wanted and sent it off as I pleased.


We watched the detective festival together, got angry, and held a business meeting at the Ekoda Jonathan’s. We’ve been making comedies together ever since Versus.

There was also this serious statement from director Yamaguchi:

I say that these first works have a sense of the trifling because you can feel that the participating directors have made them in their spare time. For those of us who have always made gag films, that’s a little… that kind of occurrence, I think. I received the Grand Prix at this year’s Yubari Fantastic Film Festival in the category of young competitors, and gag movies like that don’t really win Grand Prixs. When that happened, directors from the independent film category all told me, “Congratulations!” and “Yamaguchi, if you walk at the vanguard of the gag film advance we’ll follow after you; let’s take gag films to the next level together!” Therefore, from here on out, I’d like to establish this genre; I feel that very strongly.

Introduction to the works:
The Extremely Hazardous Detectives Festival (Japanese Only).
Official Page:
The Extremely Hazardous Detectives Festival


This is a report from a film festival at which Yamaguchi and Tak presented Meitantei Ikkaichi Hajime (Super Detective). I think the quotes come off a little strangely because they are only soundbites of a much larger interview (which can be watched via videostream at the original article page), and consequently some of the original humor is lost. Though the article features a number of related links, I’ve only embedded those that connect to sites that are still active.

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