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07/18, Cinema Topics Online.

The Screen Version of Man Gataro’s Battlefield Baseball! The Birth of a Film that Goes to the Extreme of Stupidity for Laughs!

Man Gataro’s popular manga Battlefield Baseball has been made into a film of even more intense absurdity that will be open to the public from the 19th of this month. The director is Yamaguchi Yûdai, who [previously] shot independent Idiot Movies. The star, Sakaguchi Taku, was a two-man partner in the making of those films. At the advance screening, director Yamaguchi Yûdai, Sakaguchi Taku, and Atsushi Ito gave onstage greetings.

Yamaguchi: Anyong haseyo!! Until yesterday we were at the Puchon Film Festival in Korea. Although there are differences in sense of humor that are determined by country, even over there Battlefield Baseball was well received. I was so truly happy that I cried. This movie was made in order to make people laugh. I’m happy that I was able to make my debut with a beloved Man Gataro work. [The production] didn’t just end with trivial slapstick; I was very picky over how much seriousness, how much earnestness I allowed. I’ve beaten Shaolin Soccar in terms of stupidity!”

Sakaguchi: “I’m also a big fan of the original work. A serious thing is that for the scene where I did the ‘tornado spin,’ we couldn’t borrow a large electric fan so we flew a helicopter over my head to cause the wind. If there had been even a slight failure, I would have died. This film is a ‘crystallization of our sweat and tears(?)!’”

Ito: “Because, as in the gag comic, the characters were all real world impossibilities, I didn’t know what would be a good model for the performance, but I was allowed to perform the image that I had inside of me. It was my first time doing action, so I acted without knowing how it would turn out. When I saw the finished product, I thought, ‘the director is awesome! These scenes are really going to make everyone laugh.’”

At this February’s Yubari Fantastic Film Festival this film wrapped the audience in a swirl of laughter and unexpectedly took the Grand Prix; the pleasant expansion of the explosion of this gag-world seems unstoppable.

Battlefield Baseball will show at the Cine Quinto late show from the 19th of July!!

Text: Watano Kaori.


Be sure to click the link for access to an online video of the event.

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  1. jenny permalink
    May 13, 2009 2:30 am

    Can you fix the link, it does not work. Thanks:)

    • onnagata permalink*
      May 13, 2009 9:56 am

      All fixed! Thanks for the heads-up. =)

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