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07/22, Cinema Topics Online.

Packed! The Opening Day of Man Gataro’s Battlefield Baseball

As soon as advance tickets were on sale for Man Gataro’s Battlefield Baseball they sold with a terrible vigor. On the opening day, an audience count that exceeded expectations crowded the theater, making entry for everyone practically impossible. Appearing onstage for the greeting was director Yamaguchi Yûdai and also Sakaguchi Taku (Yakyû Jûbei), Tanikado Yukihito (the Geido Coach), Iizuka Jûtarô (the Head Teacher), Konishi Hiroyuki (Bancho #1), Tsuchihira Donpei (Gorilla), Mishiro Akiko (Old Bat), and Batsugun Nishio Hidetaka; the assembly hall was further taken up with enthusiasm. Each of the cast members wore identical T-shirts imprinted with the phrase “Thanks for the Grand Prix Gataro-sensei,” a reference to a short story collection of Man Gataro’s—Thanks Gataro-sensei—to commemorate the unexpected award of a Grand Prix in the young competitor’s category at this year’s Yubari Fantastic Film Festival. The shirts were made with the prize money. Director Yamaguchi is himself a big fan of Man Gataro and in this assembly of Gataro fans a strange exchange took place. “This is a film made only to be enjoyed. There are absolutely no noble themes or messages. It’s fully loaded with quips, but it doesn’t delve deeply into anything. Please ponder things deeply on your own on the return train.” (Yamaguchi).

Battlefield Baseball is on the late show at Cine Quinto!
Also playing is the 8 minute short Ramen baka ichidai (Idiot Ramen Generation)!


Text: Watano Kaori.

Be sure to click the link for access to an online video of the event.

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