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09/17, Cinema Topics Online.

Talk of a Hollywood Remake is Also Underway! The Wonderful Cast All Give a Vigorous Greeting at the Shinobi: Heart Under Blade Premiere

Destined to love one another. And destined to kill one another… A man and a woman, each a future leader of the two mighty, and hostile “Shinobi” clans Iga and Kôga, and each without realizing the other’s social position, fall in love. As the time of battle draws ever nearer, will the two act as expected…?

The world of Yamada Futaro’s masterpiece novel, Kôga ninpôchô (The Kôga Ninja Scrolls), has been made into a magnificent film as Shinobi and today receives its opening at Marunouchi Prazer. Seven people—director Shimoyama Ten, Nakama Yukie (Oboro of Iga), Odagiri Joe (Genosuke of Kôga), Shiina Kippei (Yakushiji Tenzen), Kurotani Tomoka (Kagerô), Sakaguchi Taku (Yashamaru), and Koga Mitsuki (Chikuma Koshiro)—took the stage. Each of the actors appeared before the audience in individual, stylish, monochrome dress.

Holding man’in onrei out to the audience, the director was first. “This has become a thing that is changing period pieces,” he said in a feverish tone. “We’ve actually received talk from Hollywood about a remake,” he went on, gleefully reporting hot news. Upon hearing that, Mr. Odagiri displayed a quietly shocked expression. Ms. Nakama laughed, saying, “I’m so surprised. This has sort of disrupted our good start!” “Soon this will become the world of Shinobi,” said Mr. Shiina. “We’ve jumped in with some incredible news, haven’t we! I’m so glad to have been able to appear in such a good movie,” Ms. Kurotani added with a sweet smile. Mr. Sakaguchi, who called this film “a grand and universal film,” laughed, saying, “Actually, I was thinking of cutting my hair tomorrow, but I wonder if maybe I shouldn’t cut it just yet.” He was brimming with the spirit to play the role of Yashamaru in the remake edition as well. This announcement of plans to make a Hollywood debut caused laughter. Mr. Koga showed his confidence with reserve, noting, “I was convinced that this would become a great film set in a fun location.”

“We took the three concepts ‘All Japan,’ ‘Original Japan,” and ‘Beauty of Japan,’ and made them into one. Please receive the singular result of this procedure at the premiere today,” said the director. Ms. Nakama noted, “I was able to challenge myself to new things such as riding a horse while attached to wires, and this is a film that is very good at paying close attention to the unique worldview [of the story] with the costumes and so forth.” And Mr. Odagiri said, as a message to the audience, “The staff [of the film] came some time ago to the waiting room. I never imagined they’d come, you know? I think it’s wonderful that this film is so well loved. (Everyone also agreed.) This is an experience that has made my heart dance!”

The beauty of these images, the feeling of the speed, and the captivating sense of gentleness. Though it is a period piece, please see this film that is overflowing with freshness. And please also keep an eye out for news on the remake version from here on out!

Text: Muramatsu Miwa.

The big hit is open to the public at Marunouchi Prazer and elsewhere across the country from September 17.


Man’in onrei are thank-you banners. They are often displayed at concerts, sumo matches, and other audience-attended shows as a way to thank visitors for a large attendance at the event.

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  1. hamida permalink
    December 21, 2009 7:44 am

    yashamaru is a goode person in this word

  2. hamida permalink
    December 21, 2009 7:46 am

    tak sakagushi ay dream see you and ay remember to ol the time

  3. Sara Souza permalink
    October 31, 2011 1:23 pm

    Odagiri and Tak evri good!!!


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