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09/30, Official Shinobi Blog.

Sakaguchi Taku and Shimomura Yûji’s Hokuriku Campaign (1)

I haven’t written in a while. Apologies.

On September 25th and 26th Shinobi’s Yashamaru, Sakuguchi Taku, and action director, Shimomura Yûji, went on a campaign to the Hokuriku region.

Day One.
We met at Haneda Airport and then headed to Kanazawa! It was about 30 minutes by car from Komatsu Airport; we had lunch at a Chinese restaurant near our first stop, United Cinema: Kanazawa. We didn’t have much time, and so we ate in a rush and then went on to the assembly hall.

At United Cinema: Kanazawa, after filming an interview for the Hokuriku area broadcast “Movietown Cinema Police,” Sakaguchi-san and Shimomura-san – under the guidance of the manager – inspected the surrounding grounds together. They really did us proud! They even made an original Shinobi poster for us, and we were deeply moved! In front of that they took a commemorative photo with the manager. Click.

We wanted to do that before the event coverage, but it seemed that Shimomura-san was coming down with a cold. His nose was leaking, and he seemed very uncomfortable… as this developed after lunch we got Shimomura-san some medicine, which he took. It seemed to be alright.
Because of the congestion at the site, after the signing of posters and panels in the office by the two guys, we made a confused departure for Warner Mycal Cinemas: Okyôzuka and the onstage greetings. After we arrived at Warner Mycal Cinemas: Okyôzuka, there were more signings in the waiting room. And then the onstage greetings awaited! The onstage greetings were a huge success, with every seat filled and people who even couldn’t get in! Wonderful job, Sakaguchi hometown Kanazawa! You really came through for us!

Preparation for the filming of the Fukui Broadcasting program “Friday MINI Kinema,” took place during the intervals between the onstage greetings.
After the onstage greetings, the waiting room was bulging with gathered guests—beginning with Sakaguchi-san’s parents and friends. It was a long-awaited meeting, but I’m sorry to say… there wasn’t a surplus of time and we left straightaway for the next stop, Warner Mycal Cinemas: Kanazawa, right after the end of the program coverage. The employees of Warner Mycal Cinemas had set up a Shinobi Corner for us in the lobby! Panels that had been decorated with Sakaguchi-san’s scenes, Odagiri and Yukie-san’s scenes, and other scenes were signed there!

I’ll finish here today! For dinner we went to a restaurant in Kôrinbô, that was recommended by Sakaguchi-san, where you could eat really delicious squid. We started off with sashimi. Delicious! I’m sorry, but I don’t remember what kind of fish it was, but it was entirely delicious. After that, in addition [to the sashimi], two stones carried in earthen braziers were brought out. “Stones?!” was my response when, in front of everyone, raw squid prepared like salted fish and oil-rubbed meats were…!! It seems that these foods are cooked right on the stones… I’m never as successful with my salted fish. Nervously, I ate. Tasty! Too tasty! And the miso grilled on stones was tasty, too! And feeling thus, the meal was over just like that. Sakaguchi-san, thank you so much for introducing us to such a delicious restaurant!

To be continued…


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