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05/20, Cinema Topics Online.

Opening Day Greetings for Death Trance,
the Japanese action that has Garnered the Notice of the World

From left: Suga, Sakaguchi, Takeuchi, and director Shimomura

From left: Suga, Sakaguchi, Takeuchi, and director Shimomura

Notice the microphones.

Notice the microphones.



The opening day onstage greetings for Death Trance took place on May 20 (Monday) at Cinemart Roppongi. Director Shimomura and cast members Tak Sakaguchi, Suga Takamasa, and Takeuchi Yuhki stirred up the audience hall.

According to action director Shimomura Yûji, this film is all real-hitting sword play from star Tak Sakaguchi, the driving force of the action scenes. It has Japanese period-film action, but also weapons and battles from Sci-Fi films that defy common sense and transcend space-time, making it an entirely new kind of J-action.

At last year’s Cannes International Film Festival, a trailer of this film – made before the filming of the actual film – was floated and a tremendous response was received. Buyers from all over the world flooded in, and screenings have already been scheduled in America, France, Spain, Germany, England, Brazil, and Thailand (to name a few). In addition to that, the film gained the passionate support of viewers at the 24th annual Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival. That kind of abiding popularity is unusual.

“I was happy to make a film where I could do any kind of action I wanted!” said Sakaguchi. “Even at the German promotion, many people gathered and gave me the nickname ‘Speed Master.’ The amount of support I’ve been given makes me think that I want to do action in which I risk my life.” “Being able to gain the attention we did at Cannes was due to our aiming for a both Japanese and un-Japanese film; it’s a film like nothing you’ve ever seen,” said the director. “I wanted to do a film that looks like a toy box has been emptied out in it, so I was very particular about the details. It’ll be good if it maintains a sense of freshness after viewing.”

Today was an event where the microphones had dolls made by fans attached to them. It seems that the completely absorbing details of this film make it one with new discoveries to be found no matter how many times you see it.



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