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05/27, Official Cinemart Roppongi Blog.

Simultaneous Japanese and American Opening!
The Opening Day Onstage Greeting of Death Trance.

On May 20 (Sat) the opening day onstage greeting for Death Trance took place. On that day more than one hundred people lined up before the opening of the hall!! At first, an onstage greeting was only planned for the first screening, but the first screening sold out! And yet there were still many people lined up, and hurriedly a second greeting was arranged!! Of course, it also sold out with customers who were lined up!

For the event, Tak Sakaguchi (GRAVE), Suga Takamasa (RYUEN), Takeuchi Yuhki (YURI), Shirai Masami (Sister Swordswoman), and director Shimomura Yûji were welcomed, and both greetings took place amidst a harmonious mood. Sakaguchi and Suga have also starred together in Cromartie High: The Movie and their talk style perfectly suits one another! It turned into a fun event in which the laughs from the funny man/straight man duo never stopped!!

So then, let me introduce the impressive comments.
First of all, about the enthusiastic responses from the Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival that was held in March. When the five minute advance trailer (which was shot in four days with a crew of ten people) was screened, there was a rush of buyers from all over the world! Already, screenings have been set in such places as America, England, France, Spain, Germany, and Thailand. Mr. Sakaguchi gave an onstage greeting at the film festival and flew over to Germany for promotions.

Sakaguchi: I’m happy that so many people came out for us. I did this at normal speed, so they all said, “Whoa, so there is such a fast guy as this.” (laughs) In Germany and Belguim they said, “You are good, you bastard.” They gave me the nickname “speed master.” So, Suga, if someone says “speed master…”?

Suga: What the hell are you talking about?

Sakaguchi: …you think nighttime, right? (laughs)

Incidentally, according to Sakaguchi’s information, Mr. Suga had, in the same humor, been waiting in Roppongi since the previous night, and it appears he got drunk… To this, Mr. Suga returned fire, saying, “Sakaguchi does nothing but ad-lib.” At exactly the same moment, Mr. Suga received mail on his cellphone, and when he checked it he was bathed in criticism by everyone. LOL.

In the midst of this lambasting, the female Takeuchi chimed in…

Takeuchi: The sexual harassment of Sakaguchi and Suga was intense… I cried.

Sakaguchi: There were a lot of pinnings (in the action). (laughs)

As talk turned back (on topic), director Shimomura was asked, “Why was this film recognized overseas?”

Director: While this is a Japanese film, it is not a Japanese film. I wanted it to be a film that was like an overturned toy box, and I was picky about the little details. I think it’s an action festival, a Sakaguchi festival, so please keep an eye on Sakaguchi’s action!

At the end, there were some serious statements.

Sakaguchi: If you see this two or three times and continue to give me your support after this, I will stake my life with my action!

Suga: We’ve created a great action film, so please spread the word.

Takeuchi: I think that even women will be able to enjoy this because the beauty of the picture is incredible.

Shimomura: Whether watching to reflect or watching to feel, please savor the sense of exhilaration.

Report: Kamui

Fan-made microphone covers.

Fan-made microphone covers.


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