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12/03, Official Kamen Rider Kabuto Blog.

Clash! Tadokoro VS Nogi

Tak Sakaguchi-san (Nogi Reiji): a man personally dedicated to action who has even worked as an action director.

“We’ve been waiting for this action!” ring the countless voices. Ever since episode 41 it seems that many people have been fascinated by Nogi Reiji’s bodily action,* and in episode 43 a dream confrontation has been arranged with Yamaguchi Yoshiyuki (Tadokoro), a man who will absolutely stake his life for action! Here’s a little mini “making-of” in commemoration.

The cut of Nogi Reiji jumping as he cuts through the mass of troopers.
Action director Miyazawa personally demonstrates a model performance.

And then it’s Tak Sakaguchi-san’s actual take.
It’s just a momentary cut, but the course and timing are beautiful. Brilliant!

Yamaguchi-san is always in high spirits,
but today he was even more enthusiastic than ever.

He even puts his technique into the rolls.
By the way, this is during a test (rehearsal). In the actual take there’s no mat.
Is there no mercy when it’s just JAC (now JAE) alumni?

And finally, the Tadokoro VS Nogi action starts.

Both guys are too fast; the camera can’t follow them!
The speed of this punch! It really sounded like a special effects gale of wind.

Wide smiles from these two guys.
A feeling of satisfaction that perhaps only those who love action can understand.


* As opposed to the suit action that is more typical of Kamen Rider.

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  1. September 30, 2009 10:27 am

    Really, Tadokoro did his own stunts. Awesome. I love this show.

    • onnagata permalink*
      September 30, 2009 6:10 pm

      Me too! I’m actually just a big tokusatsu fan. ;>

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