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02/16, Cinema Cafe.

Yakkun Letting Loose in a White Suit
Only to Be Kept at a Distance by His Bikini-Model Costar?

Yoroi: Samurai Zombie, a horror-action conceived, scripted, and produced by Kitamura Ryûhei (the creator of such frequent action hits as Versus and Azumi) and directed by Sakaguchi Taku. On February 14, this film had its public opening and both Sakaguchi and Kitamura, as well as Sakurazuka Yakkun (having his film debut as Ueda Hiromi), Natsume Nana, and Nakajima Airi, went onstage to introduce the film.

Mr. Ueda, who came onto the clear stage in a white suit and purple stole, said, “Today’s theme is somehow loose,” and was a little lost at sea as he came onstage. Concerning the violent action that this film displays, he said, “I was cautioned by the director not to close my eyes in the scenes where I shot my gun; but time and again I got a ‘no-good’ response. However, I was able to accomplish [the scenes] by learning from the director’s example.” When he said this, Mr. Kitamura said, without a single hesitation, “During Versus, [Tak] shut his eyes not less than twenty times and really sucked.” At this, even the director had a wry smile.

Ms. Natsume, the lone woman in the robber’s gang of three, shocked the audience with her sex appeal, stating, “This character is totally different from me; that’s what I thought as I worked on the role. There’s also the highlight of my something-something scene with Mr. Ueda.” On the other hand, Nakajima Airi (having her first film role in this movie) said of her scene with Ueda, making the audience roar with laughter, “Before I even got all that close to Mr. Ueda, [the scene] kept being rejected. We had to redo it so many times. It might have been caused by Mr. Ueda’s mullet.”

Moving on, director Sakaguchi came out joking, saying, “I’ve come here to introduce The Shonen Merikensack (opening the same day).” With a lively appeal, he went on: “This is a film packed full of stuff like horror, family love, romance, and laughs; a work with various highlights and so it’s certainly OK even for women.” He revealed the influence of his master’s teachings, saying, “Go with the three robber characters as they take their novelty too far! That’s the Kitamura style!” Also, this time there wasn’t a director-actor relationship [between the two men]; Kitamura announced new projects with Sakaguchi and stirred up fan anticipation, stating that he, as organizer, and director Sakaguchi, as creator, would “from here on out have lots of advancing plans to steadily present stimulating works to the world, so please look forward to them!”

Yoroi: Samurai Zombie is playing at Theater N in Shibuya and other locations.


Please see the notes for the GYAO article for information about the idiosyncrasies in this article.

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