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02/16, GYAO.

The Opening Day Greeting for the Film
Yoroi: Samurai Zombie

Date: February 14 (Sat)
Place: Theater 2, Theater N in Shibuya
Participants: Ueda Hiromi, Natsume Nana, Nakajima Airi,
Director Sakaguchi Taku, Producer Kitamura Ryûhei.

  • Ueda Hiromi: “Today’s theme is somehow loose…” …he was a little lost at sea as he came onstage. “In the action scenes I was coached very closely by the director to not close my eyes while shooting the gun; but time and again I got a ‘no-good’ response. However, I was able to accomplish [the scenes] by learning from the director’s example.” (At this point, Producer Kitamura interfered, saying that during Versus Sakaguchi Taku shut his eyes not less than twenty times and really sucked.)
  • Natsume Nana: “This time the role of Risa (the lone woman in the gang of three robbers) had a totally different character from mine; that’s what I thought as I worked on the role. There’s also the highlight of my something-something scene with Mr. Ueda.”
  • Nakajima Airi: “With this first starring role, I was nervous from the moment I heard talk of a scene where I would have to tempt Mr. Ueda for the sake of my family. In the scene where I pressed close to Mr. Ueda, Before I even got all that close to him, it kept being rejected. We had to redo it so many times. It might have been caused by Mr. Ueda’s mullet.” (Huge laugh from the audience.)
  • Director Sakaguchi Taku: “I’ve come here today to introduce The Shonen Merikensack. This is a film packed full of stuff like horror, family love, romance, and laughs, a work with various highlights, and so its certainly OK even for women. Today, please watch the film and enjoy it from the viewpoints of romance and horror! Go with the three robber characters as they take their novelty too far! That’s the Kitamura style!”
  • Producer Kitamura Ryûhei: “Until today, I was always the director and Sakaguchi Taku was always the actor; this time we tried a new experiment where I was the producer and Sakaguchi was the director. From here on out we have lots of advancing plans to steadily present stimulating works to the world, so please look forward to them!”


In Natsume Nana’s comment, for “something-something scene” the exact phrase was チョメチョメシーン (chome chome scene). Chome chome is a phrase that literally means “blankety-blank” and is typically used to refer to a sensitive concept (often sexual in nature) that the speaker does not want to directly reference. I tried to come up with something that would convey the sexual nature of the comment as Natsume was pointing out the (much-discussed) love scene between herself and Ueda.

It was reported by several attendants at the presentation that Tak made a joke about his being there to promote the film The Shonen Merikensack, a comedy about an office worker who winds up promoting an over-the-hill rock band. The film has been widely promoted in Japan. The official site for the film is here, and Twitch has an English-language review of it [The Shonen Merikansack, not Yoroi] here.

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