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09/03, Official Robo Geisha Blog.

That Thirty-Three: Challenged to a Loincloth Battle at Vamp Girl
On 9/2 we held an onstage greeting for Vampire Girl vs. Frankenstein Girl at Theater N Shibuya. There, we performed a recreation of the New York Asian Film Festival’s “Loincloth Festival.”

In contrast with the overseas version, this was the first time women participated. The assembly hall was enveloped in an odd enthusiasm for loincloth acceptance through the combination of heavenly hosts Asami-san and Izumi Kai-san. Nakahara Shôko-san and Mochida Akane-san were also in the audience.

First up was a talk by Naoi Kana and the hidden geisha girls.

In the midst of their high praise for Robo Geisha

“Hey, wait a minute~”
a voice sounded, and when I suddenly looked back director Nishimura came out leading his troops. Just as they had in New York, they swaggered through the audience, chanting “Do desuka den! Do desuka den!” Midway, they made a passageway through the seats in the audience. The spectators were super-charged to be able to see the asses of the performers.

By the way, the troops were…
Director Nishimura Yoshihiro, director Tomomatsu Naoyoki, director Iguchi Noboru, Asami-san, Izumi Kai-san, Ishikawa Yûya-san, Kazuno Tsuyoshi-san, King Records producer Yamaguchi, and some others.

They headed for the stage, and celebrated with group gymnastics. When they were all assembled, as if for a talk, once again a voice sounded… Tak Sakaguchi-san and Mark Walkow-san came out. From this point on the “darts in the ass” started.

Having added the rule “once you receive a dart in the ass you can announce [a product],” director Iguchi – who would make the announcement “Robo Geisha” – was the first victim. With Mark as an assistant, dart thrower Sakaguchi willingly made the first shot. Bravo! He hit him right in the ass. Darts Master Tak is conscientious about his work.

The next target was director Nishimura and in the same manner the ass was struck, inducing the audience to laugh. Director Tomomatsu was struck in the leg and people screamed.

Moving on, it was the ladies’ first participation in the war and the heavenly hosts Asami and Izumi Kai got darts. The moment the dart struck, Asami’s eyes went wide and she complained about the pain.

The moment the dart struck, Izumi Kai commented, “That tickles!”

The audience heated up at the two’s reaction. Asami’s announcement was: “Yakuza Hunter.” Izumi Kai’s announcement was: “Pole Dance.”

Next was Kazuno. The moment he was hit, he struggled desperately with the pain. He made the announcement, “Shock Labyrinth 3D” in place of director Shimizu Takashi – who could not attend.

Directors Iguchi and Nishimura undertook the “make another statement” challenge. Having taken a dart before, this time it was a clean hit to the groin.

While keenly feeling the unabated pain, he announced “The Ancient Dogoo Girl.”

Next up onstage was Ishikawa Yûya. He played husband-and-wife with Asami-san in The One-Armed Machine Girl. At that point, though, for some reason the rules were changed, and Tak Sakaguchi’s middle kick exploded on his bottom. He met with the most painful experience of the evening.

While complaining of the pain, he made an announcement about his own store: “Bar Darling.”

Next was King Records producer Yamaguchi, participating in the war as a loincloth member from back in the day. When he got his dart in the ass, he smiled bitterly. His announcement was for the film “Martyrs,” screening at a later date. Last of all Mark got a dart, and with this denouement the event was over.

In the lobby everyone took a commemorative photo.

The spectators also stopped to have a look at this bizarre spectacle.

I have a feeling that before long… we’ll be able to see this kind of event again.
Please look forward to the next event!!!


Do desuka den is a Japanese onomatopoeia used to indicate the sound that a train in motion makes. The use of it here is probably equivalent to the “da da da da da DA!” yelled during a cha cha line dance.

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  1. Obiwan permalink
    October 6, 2009 9:38 am

    I love the title track from Robo Geisha, its lost control by Art-school

  2. robin permalink
    January 11, 2010 10:17 pm

    there’s now a TV show on Japanese TV by director Noboru Iguchi called The Ancient Dogoo Girl

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