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09/03, Official Vamp Girl Blog (Ameba)

Hello, everybody.

Yesterday, we staged a performance event in collaboration with the Robo Geisha film crew at the theater. We began with some Robo Geisha propaganda, commencing with the opinions of Ms. Naoi and her hidden geisha team. And then, the loincloth corps marched to the stage, calling out “do desuka den!” in carrying voices・・・

Here’s all the performers on the same stage!
There’s too many・・・(;^_^A

Here are the heavenly hosts of Robo Geisha in their costumes and loincloths!!

↑ From the left: Izumi Kai-san and Asami-san.
S~uper sexy!!

“What the hell are you doing, getting along so well!?!”
Tak Sakaguchi-san makes his appearance.

↑ From the left: director Iguchi Noboru, Tak Sakaguchi-san, director Nishimura, and Mark-san of the New York Asian Film Festival – who extended his return by a day in order to participate.

After that was the start of the traditional(!?) darts throwing by Sakaguchi.
Beginning with Robo Geisha’s director Iguchi, each of the loincloth wearers offered their body up in order to do a bit of advertizing.

And last of all, there was a commemorative photo shoot of all the participants.

Thanks so much to all of members of the loincloth corps and to Tak Sakaguchi!!


Do desuka den is a Japanese onomatopoeia used to indicate the sound that a train in motion makes. The use of it here is probably equivalent to the “da da da da da DA!” yelled during a cha cha line dance.

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