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09/03, Official Vamp Girl Blog (livedoor)

Loincloth Festival Report

On 9/2, at Theater N Shibuya, we held a revival of the NYAFF “Loincloth Festival.” In contrast with New York, this was the first time women participated.
Izumi Kai-san and Asami-san, who played Ganguro Club roles, participated in the war in combination. Nakahara Shôko, who appeared in Tokyo Gore Police, was also in the guest seating.

First of all was an offensive strike by the Robo Geisha force.
Spotted [Productions]’s Naoi-san led a coalition of geisha onstage.
The geisha talk was set to continue like this, or so we thought…

“Hey, wait a minute!!!”

At the sound of our savior, director Nishimura’s, resounding yell, the loincloth coalition made its appearance. Just like last time, they circled the theater while doing the “do desuka den” call. Unmindful of the narrowness of the seating, they all rushed in and – while showing their asses to the customers – made their way to the stage.

The second they got to the stage, they all lined up and gave a “Ya!” call.
After that, they displayed some group gymnastics.
It was a masterpiece.

The “Loincloth Corps” At a Glance:
Vampire Girl vs. Frankenstein Girl Force
Director Nishimura, director Tomomatsu, Kazuno Tsuyoshi-san,
King Records producer Yamaguchi, and others

Robo Geisha Force
Director Iguchi Noboru, Asami-san, Izumi Kai-san, Ishikawa Yûya-san

Afterwards, just when it seemed as if the talk was going to continue, there was a call of “wait!” from the back. Darts Master Tak Sakaguchi-san and Mark Walkow-san came out on stage. Mark had a pile of red darts in his hands…

Hurriedly, the rule “anyone who wants to make an announcement must take a dart” was decided. Director Iguchi, the top batter, took a dart.
Then director Nishimura was made dart victim.
Moving on, director Tomomatsu became the prey.
He took a clean hit to the leg and stood up to the pain.
Together, the two announced: “Vampire Girl vs. Frankenstein Girl.”

After that, Izumi Kai and Asami were victimized.

This isn’t the kind of action you carry out against a woman, you know? (LOL)
Ms. Kai made the announcement, “Pole Dance.”

★ For Izumi Kai’s plans, check here↓

The event continued with director Shimizu Takashi’s representative, Kazuno.
He took a dart in the ass and for some reason announced: “Shock Labyrinth 3D.”

★ The Shock Labyrinth 3D homepage is here↓

Directors Nishimura and Iguchi followed the rules to make a second announcement. This time, they took darts to the front – clean hits to the groin.

It looks like they took some serious pain.

The work they went through so much in order to announce was this↓
The Ancient Dogoo Girl
Director Nishimura is supervising the DVD of the 13 episodes.
The star is that person who appeared in Vampire Girl vs. Frankenstein Girl

Next on stage was Ishikawa Yûya; due to a rule change, he got a middle kick to the ass. He fainted in agony when he received the blow.

Next up was King Records producer Yamaguchi.
He’s been a member of the “Loincloth Corps” since its founding.
Even though it wasn’t necessary, he took a dart and smiled bitterly.

He announced: “Martyrs.” That’s this thing↓
Martyrs Official Site
The contents are grotesque and violent, so don’t see it if you’re weak.

Last of all, Mark took a dart as the grand finale.
The fun event was over just like that.

And afterward: commemorative photo shooting in the lobby.

It’d be cool if we had this kind of event again, hey?


Do desuka den is a Japanese onomatopoeia used to indicate the sound that a train in motion makes. The use of it here is probably equivalent to the “da da da da da DA!” yelled during a cha cha line dance.

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  1. November 28, 2009 10:24 am

    Man those asian chicks are Hot!!!

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