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02/01, Sponichi.

Former JJ Model to Have Sudden World Debut for First Film Role

Sugimoto Yumi will star in MUTANT GIRLS SQUAD; photo by Teikyô Pictures.

Sugimoto Yumi (20), who has been involved in a wide range of activities, including modeling and gravure, will have her first film role in MUTANT GIRLS SQUAD: a schoolgirl combat action. Even before production began the film received an offer to be exhibited at an overseas film festival, so the role seems suddenly to have become a world debut.

Sugimoto began teen magazine modeling activities in her early teens. In her high school days, she worked for the high fashion magazine “JJ” (Kôbunsha), whose readership ranged in age from the mid-teens to thirties. She also worked as a gravure, making the best of her blessings (her 5’6 frame and 33 inch bust). In the 2008-2009 Asahi TV broadcast Enjin Sentail Gôonjâ (Engine Sentai Go-onger), she made her presence felt in the role of Go-on Silver.

For her silver screen debut, Sugimoto will play the high school student Rin. At the age of 16 she becomes a mutant, with a superhumanly powered arm like a sword, and fights against an [evil] organization with that sword. Alongside colleagues Morita Suzuka (17) and Takayama Yûko (17), she fights in a body-enhancing uniform.

In an unprecedented move, the roughly two-hour storyline has been split into three parts and three directors will take up the megaphone for each segment. Director Iguchi Noboru, whose 2009 RoboGeisha will see releases in North America and Europe, is acting as the production’s general manager. Director Nishimura Yoshihiro, special makeup artist on Love Exposure (exhibited at the 59th annual Berlinale), and director Tak Sakaguchi, also known as an action star, will participate. An R-15 (no one under 15 admitted) rating is expected for anticipated extreme depiction of severed limbs.

Filming will begin on the 2nd (of February). An offer to exhibit in a North American film festival has already been received, and the fact that this first role will become her overseas debut has become Ms. Sugimoto’s focus. “I think it’s going to be a tremendously humorous entertainment; please look forward to it!” she enthused. The film will be shown in the last third of May at Theater N Shibuya.

◆ Sugimoto Yumi. Twenty years old; born in 1989 in Osaka. Debuted as a model in 2002 in “Peach Lemon” (Gakken). Debuted as an actress in 2007 in the Tokyo TV drama Boys Aesthetic. Will debut as a solo singer on the 17th of this month with the song “Haru koi” (Spring Love). Blood type A.


A gravure or gravure idol is a model who works generally as a bikini model, although other types of modeling are undertaken. You can learn more by googling “gravure idol.”

“Engine Sentai Go-onger” was a tokusatsu (special effects) drama series that aired in 2008-2009 on Asahi TV alongside its “Kamen Rider” broadcast. Learn more about the show from its (what else?) Wikipedia page.

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