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06/29, buzzcinema.

Death Trance: An Assault of Good-Looking Action Stars

It’s Samantha, whose heart unconsciously pounds whenever she hears “good-looking men” and “action.”

Death Trance, currently open to the public at Cinemart Shinsaibashi, was also written about by buzzlog blog as being a film in which naturally good-looking guys take on the challenge of action!

Anyway, the two stars of the film came to Osaka in order to introduce the film. They let me interview them. ☆

This time Sakaguchi Taku and Suga Takamasa came!
They are seriously handsome!

In this film, Mr. Sakaguchi portrays “Grave,” a ruffian at first glance but a key player in saving the future, while also working as the action director!

Having to direct yourself as action director seems quite tough. Were you strict with “Sakaguchi Taku” the actor?

Sakaguchi: Nah, because, on the production side, the director was much more of a “demon”! In the scene where I fought the group of zombies, it was quite a long shoot and the director kept ordering us: “Faster! Faster faster!”

Well, it’s because there’s an established opinion about your punches.
The director’s orders are reasonable… but still! That’s rough … Additionally, this is a rare Japanese film that was flooded with overseas bids and scheduled for screening as a major motion picture in the foreign market after a preview of it was floated at the Cannes Film Festival. On that point, there was quite a bit of pressure wasn’t there?…

Sakaguchi: No, there wasn’t really any. (Laughs). Compared to foreign action films, Japanese action has a high level of precision. The stuntmen are the most skilled in the world! Therefore, it’s easy to act in a way that cannot be compared with foreign action. So there’s no extensive pressure to oppose foreign films with Japanese action, and we have plenty of self-confidence.

↑ Mr. Sakaguchi had this attitude from start to finish...

↑ Mr. Sakaguchi had this attitude from start to finish...

Now, on the other hand, there was a rumor, Mr. Suga, that you personally asked the director to star [in this film]…

Suga: When I went to the Yubari Fantastic Film Festival I saw a preview for Death Trance. I was charmed by the film’s visual beauty and begged the director to let me participate in it.

It certainly presents a world that has the characteristic of fusing the Japanese samurai image with the “gothic”! But in this film, your role is that of a completely helpless monk. So you weren’t interested in an action related role? Even though you had a large part in the earlier Kamen Rider Ryûki!

Suga: As far as the action went, I figured I’d leave that to Sakaguchi. I decided to give myself completely to my performance when faced with a scene. That was how we divided the work.

And certainly, in contrast with our understanding of the other performers’ mutual fighting intentions and merits, your part “Ryûen” had the task of asking each character “why are you pursuing the coffin?” As the audience’s only window into the “reasons,” you’re really important. So, what do you think of “Sakuguchi Taku, the actor”?

Suga: Well, he’s brilliant at action, but as an actor… Seriously, he’s always wanting to ad lib as much as possible. (Laughs). I think it’s funny, but… It’s just… this is the first time I’ve seen an actor like this! Here’s an example… he always immediately turns his gaze to the camera. (Laughs). When I asked the reason, he said, “I want to grab the audience’s attention.” That explanation doesn’t even make sense!

Sakaguchi: I can’t help but look, you know. No matter how far away [I am], I look.

There aren’t really any films where [the actors] look at the camera… Didn’t the director get angry?

Suga: He kept it natural!

Sakaguchi: In Battlefield Baseball, a movie I filmed with Yamaguchi Yûdai during our indies period, there’s a lot of serious camera-looking. In that film, my performance was based on my ability to do that. Perhaps I should say that up until now, there are a lot of scenes where I’m completely looking at the camera! Battlefield Baseball, Versus, Death Trance… they’re all me looking at the camera.

So, what do you think is a highlight…?

Sakaguchi: For me, it’s really the speed. I show off fast punches without quick turns. Fast hands are my selling point. But as far as women are concerned… I’m a late bloomer. (Laughs).

And the interview ended with that puzzling reply. (LOL).
These two are very good friends, and they did nothing but laugh from beginning to end.

Afterward, the two went on stage at Cinemart Shinsaibashi for an introduction…

There, all of the fans who had come running from all over the country directly questioned Mr. Sakaguchi and Mr. Suga! Thus, it resulted in an irresistible event for fans.

And, the event was chock full of little-known stories; stories that made everyone there laugh.

Still, they’re so good looking.
…so, I’m in love!

Death Trance
Screening at Cinemart Shinsaibashi until July 14.


Because the website for Death Trance is no longer active, I did not include an embedded link.

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