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From 2008.

A Message from Tak

When it comes to birthdays
I haven’t liked them very much.
That’s because
when I was a fourth grader
even though I advertised
sushi and cake
for twelve people,
prepared it and waited,
not a single friend came.
My family and I ate it.

My father. My mother.
Now, if I advertised and prepared
sushi and cake for twelve people
these friends here would eat it.

Today, I face my 33rd birthday
and I’ve come to like birthdays.
Thank you, everyone, for your comments.
And, thank you again.

Gradually, I’ve been thinking of doing action with all my might
as both director and actor.
For that reason
lately I’ve been drilling myself with training.
At the time of the Otokojuku events, I was fat— please pardon me.
I was fifteen kilos (33 lbs) heavier than I am now.
When I’m only the director, I get fat with the “easy” life.
Well, then… until the next time I write a comment.
(I am seriously bad at the computer, huh?)


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  1. momiji aya permalink
    June 3, 2009 9:37 am

    kawaiso anata wa…….. T^T
    i was unfamous child too… it’s sad isn’t it. ?
    but…. yokata na, now you’ve got the place where u belong, while i’m still struggling to find mine. gambatte ne Tak San.. (hope u don’t mind i cll u Tak ^^)

  2. April 3, 2010 7:33 am

    love you tak sakaguchi!! I could marry you!!! hope you can make action movies again where you are the leading star ^^

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